Kidz Ministry

Children's Pastor Sam Bucher, Kids Director
Kidz Church
Here at Tulare First our mission is to train up faith filled, knowledgeable children and families that can know and live the Word of God in their everyday lives.  The human body is comprised of three main elements, the body, soul and spirit.  We believe in order to effectively minister to a child's spirit we must first allow the body and soul to express security and safety with friends.

In our Sunday morning Kidz Church experience, children will enjoy a few minutes together playing as friends in seperated rooms by grade level, building bonds that will encourage the fellowship we all desire in a church family.  After, we all come together for a time of learning the Word of God through illustrated teaching utilizing media, songs, puppets, and good old Holy Spirit power through our anointed teachers.  After learning a story about how God is the hero of every story in the Bible and in our lives the children go back to theirs rooms to have a small group discussion about what they learned and have a snack with those friends that they are building those lasting friendships with.

We have a dedicated Kidz Church check in team that will greet you in the lobby every Sunday morning to register your children for the mornings service.  Upon registration you will receive a parent tag, with (which is the only way a child can be released from Kidz Church) a child's tag to identify them as yours.  We are dedicated to providing a secure and safe environment for families to grow in.  This is a crazy world and our staff and volunteers are here to make sure that all families know when they come to our church they are safe from entry to exit. 

Junior Bible Quiz is a fun fast paced quiz game that teaches children the Word of God in a game show style atmosphere.  We have a team that travels to area churches to compete against other kids their age who are also excited and motivated to learn God's Word.  For more information please visit or send Pastor Sam an email today!

Every summer Tulare First goes to Kids Camp.  Camp is an opportunity for kids to unplug from the increasingly digital world we live in.  We aren't just their for peace and tranquility, but for a true encounter with God and the Holy Spirit.
We also offer tons of extra fun events throughout the year such as an Easter Egg Hunt, fun water days in summer, family game nights and much, much more!

For any questions please email Pastor Sam - Be blessed!