PIT 21 "Parenting in the 21st Century"

Randy and Debbie Pfitzer, Teachers

PIT 21 is a class made up of parents raising children in the 21st century with all of its modern day parenting problems.

The class concentrates on our relationship with God and with members of our family unit.  We use a round table format where everyone has an opportunity to give input into the subject of the lesson for the day, sharing personal experiences and spiritual insights.

PIT 21 also has monthly game nights for the adults and family fun times on other days. Activities for the families include picnics, barbecues, swimming and movie nights. If you are raising children this is a great place for you to connect!

"Come join us as we live, learn and grow together, raising our children to love the Lord." - Debbie
"Parenting in this generation is a challenge that we want to help you grow into.  We can never have enough tools for the job.  Come and get some tools."  - Randy